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December 1, 1999

Confederate Motorcycles Launches New Line: CSA Motorcycles 

As a sister division of Confederate Motorcycles, CSA Motorcycles will manufacture and market a new line of bikes at an aggressive price point making ownership of the bike more accessible. The PLC Wildcat, is a minimalist street rod weighing less than 470 lbs. The JPB Confederado is a chopper touring commuter equipped with a 230 mm Avon rear tire on a 15 inch rim. Deliveries begin in November 1999. 


Abita Springs, LA - The first models from CSA Motorcycles are now in production. As a sister division of Confederate Motorcycles, Inc., CSA Motorcycles will manufacture and market a new line of machines based upon the same hand craftsmanship, attention to detail and top quality components for which the Confederate brand has become renowned, while at the same time an aggressive price point makes ownership of a machine, in the Confederate tradition, more accessible to a greater number of buyers. 

The brand new year 2000 production CSA motorcycles were conceived, developed, and manufactured to embody the very essence of Americana through true American mechanical and industrial design excellence. 

The first, code named the PLC Wildcat, is a minimalist street rod with a definitive, nationalistic American attitude. The machine weighs less than 470 lbs., has a 4x4 square radial twin, the patented super rigid Confederate design chassis and powertrain mounting system, and Pirelli Corsa dragons, 120 and 200 mm, front and rear, respectively. 

All components are top shelf, including the best from Paioli, Works, ISR, and Marchesini. The wheel base is 60 inches; rake is set at 27-degrees. 

The second CSA entry is the JPB Confederado chopper touring commuter. Built around the modular super rigid chassis and powertrain mounting system, this machine is equipped with the monster 230 mm Avon rear 15 incher mounted on an 7 inch aluminum 3/16 inch spoke rim. Up front the 130 mm 16 inch Avon is utilized. Again, all components are the finest from Paioli, Works and ISR. The machine is precision tuned for its 34-degree rake angle, 66 inch wheel base, and 500 pound weight. 

As with all Confederate motorcycles, cutting, bending, machining, fabrication and assembly is done in house, by hand, at the Confederate Motorcycles 38,000 square foot factory just north of New Orleans, Louisiana in Abita Springs. 2000 model year production is limited to 500 units. Pricing begins at $19,980.00. Deliveries begin November 15, 1999. 

The flagship Confederate models, the NBF Hellcat Roadster and REL America GT have been slightly revised with a change from the black Paioli forks to the polished Paioli forks, custom built for Confederate and engraved with the Confederate logo. The new forks are larger in diameter, one and one-half inches longer for improved clearance and offer three-way adjustability. A wider range of paint color options, with special multi-coated metallics, for the fuel cell and fenders to coordinate with the Marchesini rims is now available. The fuel cell has been upgraded to carbon fiber composite with a slight modification to its' unique and elegant curvature giving the Confederate machines an even greater sensual appeal, defining the Confederate line of motorcycles and their owners as a reflection of the principle of individuality. 


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